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How to Maintain Your Deck This Spring?

Spring is here. If you’re a deck owner, you’ve got to be happy. After a long winter filled with freezing rain, cold, snow, and ice, decks around the world are primed to be used again. Though there was little that can be done to help your decks in previous months, rising temperatures means that you can enjoy your outdoor living spaces again.

However, before you can fully enjoy your decks or gazebos, here are a couple of things you should first do. This will help you recover your outdoor living area from winter:

Get Rid of Pollen

Pollen comes with spring. You will immediately see that you are getting an accumulation on both your porch and screen and certainly want to clean it off. A lot of professionals suggest hosing from the interior of your screened porch outwards to prevent pollen accumulation in a screened porch.

Examine for Mold

Winter has a tendency to enable mold to accumulate on decks. Thus, this is the ideal time of year to utilize a solution of bleach and oxygen to eliminate it. Just add the solution to a bottle of garden spray and spray the affected area. On almost all occasions, allowing the solution to sit for a couple of minutes is enough time to be effective before you clean it off.

You will probably have to scrub away the mold for more serious stains. You should keep in mind that composite decking has to be approached using a soft brush. This will help you prevent scratching the surface. If you’re going to apply a liquid mold barrier, make sure you utilize a roller. This will help avoid mold from growing in the future after the deck is totally dry.

Repair Loose Deck Boards

Spring is an ideal time to examine for missing or loose boards. For those who don’t know, dry and cold weather can cause boards to contract. On the other hand, boards tend to expand in the spring. You should look for nails that have come loose or screws that may have popped out.

Power Wash

Use a power washer to clean a deck to blast every single harmful stuff off the deck. However, you should only do this if you know how to use it. Aside from damaging your deck, improper power washing can also leave your deck clean and smooth. Before trying it on your own, you should first talk to a professional.

If you’ve got a synthetic deck, you can clean it by using a soft bristle brush and some dish detergent.

Clean Off the Deck

You have done well if you tried to clear off snow and ice that gathered on your deck over the winter. But, now is the time to clean it if there’s dirt or other residue sticking on the surface. Allowing any present moisture to drain down through the cracks between the boards is the ideal way to prevent mildew and mold from accumulating and keeping a deck healthy. To get rid of things such as leaves, you can simply rake it off.