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istanbul escort Cytomed in bodybuilding: effect, application

Cytomed in bodybuilding: effect, application

In the modern world there is a large selection of sports fat burners, among which athletes can choose a suitable option.

Cytomed is a hormonal drug, the range of use of which extends to weight loss and drying. According to its indicators, it is several times superior to many other fat burners. It is characterized by rapid absorption in the body and its high efficiency in the first days of reception. In medical practice, it is used as hormone replacement therapy for thyroid diseases. The main active ingredient is sodium liothyronine, which is a synthetic analogue of the natural hormone L-triiodothyronine.

Cytomed drug and its effect on the human body

He is grateful for his popularity to athletes-bodybuilders, bodybuilders and other athletes who use it as an effective fat burner. Taking optimal doses will allow you to quickly get rid of fat deposits, and will also have a moderate anabolic result. Athletes will be able to gain dry muscle mass quickly and efficiently, as well as strengthen the nervous and cardiovascular systems.

The drug has a positive effect on the body. Exactly:

  • removes fluid from the body;
  • burns excess fat;
  • makes a beautiful and structural relief, draws veins and muscle tissues;
  • accelerates metabolism due to rapid metabolism;
  • excellent combination with other anabolic steroids.

How to take the drug correctly for sports purposes

Cytomed is taken in tablet form. The optimal dosage is from 25 mcg per day, but does not exceed 200-400 mcg. It is better to increase the dosage gradually. The duration of the course of admission is about six weeks. If the dosage and duration of administration are not observed, thyroid disorders may occur. Sitomed Balkan athletes-bodybuilders successfully combine with other pharmaceutical products at the drying stage. Taking T3, there is a fairly rapid acceleration of metabolism in the body. The drug works especially well in combination with clenbuterol and gives excellent results in the field of bodybuilding. By the link you can find a cytomel to achieve an excellent body shape.

Side effects

Most people taking the drug are concerned about the possibility of negative side effects. After all, if you start using thyroid hormone artificially, it is possible to slow down metabolism with abrupt withdrawal of the drug. After conducting a number of studies, it was proved that this remedy works only during its direct administration. After the end of the course, the body quickly returns to its original state without withdrawal syndrome. Cytomed is suitable for both men and women, at the same time, they do not necessarily have to be active athletes. It is also worth observing a proper nutrition regime, calculating the calorie content of dishes in the diet, and the drug will make all other efforts for you.

To minimize side effects, it is necessary to adhere to the correct calculations of the dosage and the intake scheme. However, Cytomed, like other hormonal drugs, it can cause side effects:

  • Disorders of the thyroid gland
  • Allergic manifestations are possible
  • Malfunctions of the digestive tract
  • Manifestations of neurological disorders

After course therapy (PCT)

At the end of the Cytomed course, a PCT is mandatory, after an additional examination. One tablet of Iodomarin a day in the morning on an empty stomach will be enough to improve the performance and functioning of the thyroid gland. The course is designed for two to three weeks.

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