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Terre des Hommes

Helping children worlwide

Terre des hommes is an international charitable organisation founded by French/Swiss pharmacist Edmond Kaiser, in 1960. He formed the organisation after witnessing the appalling standards of children's lives in refugee camps during the 1960 Algerian conflict, It concentrates on children's rights and provides aid to children at risk of sickness, misery, hunger, illness, abandonment and persecution. Their work is carried out independently of any religious, political, cultural or racial considerations and they devote themselves to immediate aid as immediately as possible. When the organisation discovers a child in need they provide care for them in the most appropriate way and by the most suitable means. Usually this is done within the country that they are in, wherever possible, unless the situation is so bad that it dictates the necessity to move them elsewhere.

Terre des Hommes, literally "Land of Men", is situated in over 30 countries around the world and operates throughout Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle and Far East. In 1966 they joined the independent agencies working in these countries together to form the Terre des Hommes International Foundation (TDHIF). An important part of the TDHIF's work is as a consultant to the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). They work together to provide nutrition and healthcare, child protection, international adoption, fight child trafficking, abuse and exploitation.

Protection and healthcare form the basis for the work they do and they are currently helping around 1.5 million children in many different ways from providing them with hospital services and treatment that they would not normally be able to receive, to providing food and shelter in combat and disaster zones. They operate largely on the help of volunteers and donations and without this help they would not be able to continue the work that they are doing. Perhaps the most frequent and necessary work that they do today involves getting children off the streets in poverty stricken areas and preventing them from falling into the social traps of drugs and prostitution.

This foundation is growing and will continue to provide help around the globe to millions of unfortunate children that would otherwise be trapped in families, communities or environments that cannot provide for them. It is the unwavering commitment of these volunteers that allows this work to continue.

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