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The Kids’ Cancer Project

Every week three Australian children die from cancer.

 The Kid’s Cancer Project is an Australian charity created and driven by a single mission – to stop this epidemic by finding a cure for childhood cancer. Formerly known as the Oncology Children’s Foundation, The Kids’ Cancer Project works diligently toward achieving this goal by funding research programs that aim to end cancer in children forever.

Some people talk about making a difference. Others go out and do it. The founder of The Kids’ Cancer Project, Col Reynolds, was a doer. In 1993 Reynolds set out to raise $1 million to go towards cancer research. In 2007, he accomplished this goal through personal funding and securing company sponsorships. His first $1 million check was written to the oncology unit of The Children’s Hospital at Westmead. The vision of Col Reynolds did not stop there. The Kids’ Cancer Project is now a highly successful charity, contributing over $15 million towards cancer research and funding projects across Australia as well as the United States.

Over the last fifty years, the survival rate for children with cancer has gone from as little as two percent to nearly eighty percent. The Kids’ Cancer project is proud to have played a role in this success and plans to continue until cancers in children are stamped out permanently. Through the combined efforts of ambassadors who raise awareness about the disease, company sponsors, and public donations, The Kids’ Cancer Project continues to provide a sustained investment in research. Each research program is designed to focus on a piece of the puzzle in the search for better treatments, fewer side effects, and methods for early diagnosis.

Cancer research has come a long way over the years, but there is still much work to be done. There are several ways the public can help ensure this valuable research continues until a cure is found. The Kids Cancer Project accepts donations from companies and individuals with a passion to help save these children. Donations can be made by simply visiting their website at www.thekidscancerproject.org.au. Visitors of this website may also purchase adorable stuffed animals with proceeds from these sales going toward cancer related research. For those who would like to contribute in a more hands on way, the website also contains fundraising ideas and an events calender.

Cancer is a deadly disease that has taken the lives of thousands. When that life is a child it is all the more heart-wrenching. As found on The Kids’ Cancer Project website, “every child with cancer should have the opportunity to grow and live their dreams.” If this is a sentiment you can agree with, take a few minutes to be a doer and maybe even save a life.

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