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World Famous Foundations that are Worth Supporting

Today, it is very inspiring how there are people who continue to prioritize the welfare of others over their own. Times are hard and it is quite normal for people to want to look after themselves. Yet, there are those who are willing to give up their own convenience just to give life to their less fortunate brothers and sisters. Their lives really are so inspiring and more often than not, these people who are heroes in their own rights are part foundations.

This is but a compilation and short explanation on world famous foundations that are worth supporting. You may not be in the capacity to work full time there but you can always help their cause in your own little way. From the foundations stated below, you may choose which one you would like to help the most.

The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement is known all throughout the world because of their humanitarian causes, movements and efforts. They have been around since 1863 with its founder Henry Dunant in Geneva, Switzerland. Today, they have over 97 million volunteers in order to save, bring comfort and share love to those who need it most.

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization or UNESCO was founded in November 16, 1945 for the purpose of uniting countries in order to collaborate in finding and maintaining peace, science and culture. It has 193 member states and 7 associate members throughout the world.

The SOS Children’s Village is the largest orphanage where children of different ages without parents find a home. It has been around since 1969 and up to this day, their dedication to save the lives of these children has not changed.

Out of the famous foundations, which one is for you? That decision is for you to make.

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